bercon log splitter

BerCon Log Splitter

Save Time & Money with the BerCon Log Splitter

Large rings of timber always present a challenge because of their weight and size to handle.
It would take 3 - 4 men working together to stand one log ring on its side so that the log could be cut in half, and then quarters with a chainsaw, to reduce the logs' weight, so that the log could be lifted onto a log splitter to be made into firewood.
This work is very dangerous with regard to modern day health and safety requirements etc.
The BerCon Log Splitter was designed to split large rings of timber up to 2 metres and above in diameter, 200 – 400 kgs in weight, into manageable pieces of timber of 15 – 20 kgs without any manual intervention from the operator.
The BerCon Log Splitter machine is fully C.E Certified
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How the BerCon Log Splitter Works

The BerCon Log Splitter works from over or above the timber as it catches, manoeuvres and splits the timber into logs. The BerCon Log Splitter feeds itself and in doing so mimics the motion and the dexterity of the human hand. The BerCon Log Splitter uses the slew motion of the prime mover (digger) to move these large wooden rings from where they are lying into a pile of manageable wood pieces without any manual intervention from the operator.  
Because of the way The BerCon Log Splitter articulates it quickly follows the position of the ring of timber to become parallel to it and split it in any position from horizontal to vertical and in doing so The BerCon Log Splitter speeds up the process as it is neither a vertical or horizontal log splitter in the conventional sense, rather The BerCon Log Splitter is a multiple position log splitter that hovers over the timber in the clear view and precise control of the operator at all times. 
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BerCon Log Splitter Quickly Converts to a Firewood Splitter

With the addition of hand controls the BerCon Log Splitter quickly converts into a manual, horizontal, log splitter with safety interlocks, two handed controls and automatic return to split these manageable pieces of wood into firewood / logs. 
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